How to Read This Blog!

The following was composed at the conception of this particular blog. It applies if you are interested in that kind of stuff.

The nature of blogs is to update readers with novel, winsome thoughts for each new day. Because this is the typical expectation, most blogs are set up to show the most recent post at the top of the page and the older ones in descending order.

Because this blog is an account of my pilgrimage project and will be shared from beginning to end (introduction to conclusion), if you stumble upon it mid-project, you might consider scrolling to the bottom of the page  (and keep scrolling through the older posts) so you can read the older posts first, following the (supposed) logical sequence of the paper and this particular blog. If you don’t plan on reading it all at once, you can find the individual posts under Recent Posts. The first for the project is called Final Projects. Start there and read up.

Disclaimer: I’m sure some blog wunderkind, or average 15-year-old for that matter, could tell me how to fix this so that the first post remains at the top of the page. And if some wunderkind, or average 15-year-old, happens to stumbles upon this page, what I’d really like is a page with two columns – one in which my paper shows up sequentially and one in which blog posts show up as they are posted, whether related to the blog or random thoughts, etc…


2 thoughts on “How to Read This Blog!

  1. Just happened upon this Blog, through the email of one of your Church Members. Plan to continue to follow. Merry Christmas, Barbara Atchley

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