Hard Word Wednesday

I’ve got news for you. Your children – your loves, your heartbeat, the center of your universe – they aren’t yours. They do not belong to you. Not ultimately anyway. What’s more is they aren’t even their own.
So here’s the challenge you have as a parent and/or spiritual parent.
“Your” children belong to God. They are his. His creation has been entrusted to you – to lead, care for, nurture, and shepherd – for their good and his glory. Not yours. 
This is not an easy job. It is a task we’ve perhaps taken too lightly, if we’ve even considered it at all.
And here’s the other thing. We won’t lead them well if we aren’t listening to the right voices.
Whose voice has the most influence over you? Whose voice are you teaching them to listen to?
PS Don’t let there be anything more important… Our Leadership Cohort is reading Lead Like a Shepherd. Author Larry Osborne notes how important it is to teach our children well and make and help them make wise decisions and right priorities:

On the other hand, the odds are incredibly high (nearly 100 percent) that he will learn the life lesson that his parents are unintentionally teaching him: church is important . . . unless there is something more important.

Osborne, Larry. Lead Like a Shepherd: The Secret to Leading Well (p. 68). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.


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