What I’ve Learned about My Use of Social Media the Last Two Days

Sunday I challenged you to monitor your use of social media with In Moment or another similar app.
Here’s what I’ve learned about my use of social media the last two days:
Time (spent on my three accounts-FB, Twitter, Instagram):
  • Sunday under an hour
  • Monday just under 40 mins
I check FB. A Lot. But I don’t generally stay on very long. I check Twitter less frequently but scroll more, usually looking for posts by a select few people, organizations, etc.  Instagram-don’t even check it everyday.
Anecdotally, most of my time seems to be spent reading articles I find via social media sites–Christianity Today, the Babylon Bee, The Gospel Coalition, and various news sites. Most of these I could check without social media, going directly to their websites (assuming we don’t consider websites social media, but that’s another conversation).
I will withhold a verdict on whether My use is excessive until a few more days pass.

Are you paying attention? How are you doing?

Reverend John


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